Monday, December 8, 2008

New Home at ArtFire!

Etsy, the place where I began listing my wares, is officially my ..... closet storefront now. My new main store is located at which is a sweet new art community built by people who've taken notice of Etsy's shortcomings and decided to capitalize on it. (Not that I can blame them.) I am slowly moving items over to ArtFire and am adding LOTS of new items during the coming weeks!

I finally had enough of Etsy tightening the noose around our necks making 'small' changes which absolutely have no relevance to what the community wants or needs.

I had opened an ArtFire store in October when I first heard about its grand opening but never did anything with it until last evening.
This is what made me take the leap. Enough is enough. A renewal strike? HA! I think the cupcakes were piled a little too high with icing yesterday. I just about went into hypoglycemic shock reading those responses. How can this be such a 'non issue' when the things which need to be fixed are NOT fixed and still more changes keep being made which do not benefit the artist or the buyer? Of course the shop owners are rebelling and heading over to ArtFire in droves.

I responded with
this post in the Etsy forums and was quite amused at the outcome. Typical Etsy. I was in kind of a bad mood when MaryMary closed that thread so... I started another, simply asking for clarification. Egads! One would think I had just threatened to confiscate all the cupcakes in the breakroom of Etsy Headquarters with the weird responses I was getting.

Regardless of the s#*%storm going on over in Etsy, my products will all be available on ArtFire by the first of the New Year. I'm keeping a few items on Etsy for customers who originally found me there can still know I'm alive.

Hey, maybe Etsy just needs a refill of Boo-Boo Cream. Everyone has their ouchy days. I even have small one oz jars for portability!


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Love it. Etsy fools. You know they remind me of a few other companies. Wa-Mu MBNA, etc. Of curse those are big banks but it goes to show no one is immune to a downfall.

Art Fire said...

Hey There! Welcome to Artfire! A couple of points about the post on etsy.

1) We have over 5,000 members. (and now over 90,000 visits in the last 30 days)

2) It really is me - When other people post they will use their own names in forums, blogs, comments etc. We believe strongly in transparency in posting.

3) Artfire forums will not censor people for such threads. We'll thank you and use the feedback to get better.


Tony Ford
EVP Marketing

Angel said...

Tony, I have to applaud your bravery and your sense of humour. Thanks for writing in. It has really made my day.

Thumbs Up For Transparency!