Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tropical Popsicles

Want to make the BEST tropical popsicle? I came up with a recipe using homemade coconut milk + pineapple. Super easy.

You need 3/4 cup shredded coconut
1.5 cups boiling water

Put the coconut into your blender. Don't turn it on yet. Heat your water and once it reaches a boil measure it out and then put it in with the coconut into the blender. Blend on High in increments of twenty seconds for at least three minutes total. Burp the blender lid every once in a while to let built up steam escape.

Let the coconut milk cool for about five minutes in the blender.

Open an 8oz can of pineapple(with pineapple juice, not water) and dump it directly into the blender with the coconut milk. Blend on High until most of the chunks are pulverized.

Now most people strain coconut milk through a very fine mesh strainer to make 'milk' they can drink or cook with but in this case you want to keep the tiny bits of coconut in this mixture. It gives the popsicle a nice texture in our opinion.

Pour your coconut milk and pineapple mixture into your popsicle molds and let it freeze. Voila!

I think next time I make this I'll use a little bit of Rum. yum!