Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elemental Art

This is a painting I've just listed today in my Etsy Store. "Falling Down" was originally painted in 2007 but.... it's kinda been shoved to the wayside until recently. *shrugs* It's getting nippy in my area and I've been longing for those warm summer days, what can I say? This painting says to me, "soul food."

Pure acrylic medium with a lovely thick impasto texture medium, this is one hefty piece of art. 14"x18."

"Elements no. 1" is another of my more elemental inspired works. Also 14"x18", this particular painting is a bit confusing in that I can't totally make up my mind what direction I prefer it to be seen. Highly textured with rough lava-like mediums and smooth spherical mediums which diffuse the underlying color with an almost hypnotic effect when bright lights are directed at it.

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Anonymous said...

Most of your art is awesome work. A few granted do not suit my tastes, but you are still an awesome artist. If I was flithy rich you works would decorate my home.