Sunday, September 7, 2008

Books... Purses?

I found an Etsy artist today who makes me positively seethe with envy. (But in a good way!) I wish I was as imaginative and crafty with needle and thread. This lovely lady makes purses out of BOOKS! The sky is the limit and she also offers custom orders based on the book or color scheme.

This is the purse that 1) I'd kill to own. 2) Brings back nostalgic memories of the days in gradeschool when I read encyclopedias for entertainment. Hey, I'm a simple person. As long as I am learning something new I'm happy.

Chic, elegant, and classy. This is definitely the most beautiful purse I've found on Etsy so far. is where you can find her shop with this purse and many others to choose from.


michele said...

Wow that is really unique, thanks for sharing!!

Nicki Leigh said...

Wow, what a wonderful find! It is a very unique idea and something that require more looking into.

*goes to look at the shop.*

Myfanwy said...

These are amazing. Thanks for pointing me towards them.