Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello everyone, and thanks for dropping by my business blog for I hope you have fun browsing around. While I am not new to the Etsy venue, this is my new 'baby'.

I traveled to the Etsy forums last night and received some interesting feedback concerning TerraScents. Some folks aren't too happy that I'm selling my Boo-Boo Cream next to my scent diffusers and canvas art. Well..... sorry guys. Can't be helped. I tried having several different shops and it got to be a headache and a half.

Good news: I DO utilize the Section tool on the right part of my store. I DO use all the tag spaces available to me by Etsy and I DO make sure I'm listing each item in their proper respective categories. So although the store may appear a bit jumbled, just know that those Section links are there for you to narrow down your search and when all else fails- convo me.

One last note & a plea for help: I've had some people contact me screaming that they want to be able to buy my Hair Balm again. I'd love to be able to make it available again! However there is one teesy little problem with that endeavor- the coconut oil. I cannot for the life of me find a good wholesaler for "extra virgin coconut oil." Ya know.. the kind of coconut oil that has the highest concentration of coconut fat + the scent? Yeah, that stuff! Everywhere I go it's only for sale fractionated or deodorized and... I can't use it! It kills my recipe! The last time I tried that stuff I ended up with a pot full of gritty coconut soup I appropriately named "Coconut Crap."

If you know of any place that sells the GOOD virgin coconut oil, please let me know at


~ Angel


Pink Quartz Minerals said...

Nice blog, glad to see you back!

Angel said...

Thanks, PQM!